What if the recipient is not home to receive the flowers?

We text or call the recipient’s phone number at the time of delivery and ask that they let us know if they will Not be available during our 2-3 hour time frame of deliveries. If the recipient is not home, we will Not leave the flowers outdoors. We will make attempts to contact the recipient and the sender, if necessary, in order to clarify how to deliver your flowers safely. If this is not possible they will be returned to the studio and redelivery will be attempted the next day. Any additional delivery attempts may be chargeable.

Wondering what flowers are currently in season?

At Lavender Blue Floral, our years of extensive education and experience have allowed us a good understanding of what makes your flowers the freshest, and most long-lasting . We pay attention to the quality and freshness of flowers you are sending or receiving .We buy from top quality flower suppliers, some locally from farms here in Iowa.

Be sure to check out our latest posts on Instagram. We’re proud to use only the best ingredients available and focus on sourcing locally grown seasonal blooms. All our designs feature our signature design style, handcrafted and thoughtfully designed. For the best outcome, leave the details to us. There are so many stunning blooms available through every season and every week a few beautiful surprises always pop up. To get a sense of our style and aesthetic, follow us on Instagram. Our designs are abundant and beautiful and everything is hand-made by us at our studio in West Des Moines Iowa.


How long will my arrangement last?

Once we dispatch a delivery of flowers a number of changes in conditions can occur that affect their longevity. To enjoy the blooms as long as possible, please follow our suggestions below:

Lavender Blue Floral - Fresh Flower Care Instructions

Most flowers will last between five and seven days. Should your flowers not last for at least three days, Lavender Blue will resend a new display of fresh flowers, following the policy below:

What if there is a problem with my arrangement?

It is our policy that we collect the original flowers that you received to assess the cause of the problem and shortened vase life. We cannot arrange a new replacement delivery of fresh flowers to you if the original flowers are not available for collection.